Rumors of a reuse of the MagSafe brand turned out to be spot on, as the new iPhone 12 models have a magnetic feature that not only aids charging (by making sure the wireless charger lines up), but also adds the ability to snap on cases and other accessories, like a leather wallet.

It’ll be interesting to see how third-party hardware makers will embrace it, but it has potentially significant advantages in places like car chargers, where you’ll be able to magnetically snap your iPhone onto a mount and have it charge wireless. And it works through cases and maintains compatibility with Qi chargers. If Apple wants to move its iPhones to a port-less design, this is how it begins.

Speaking of charging, I think the new MagSafe Duo charger looks great, especially for traveling, but there’s no price or ship date listed, which makes me wonder if Apple didn’t learn its lesson pre-announcing a wireless charger last time around. There’s no way they’d make the same mistake twice, right? Right?

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